UKRI CDT in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI

ART-AI exists to educate interdisciplinary professional experts to make the best, and safest, use of artificial intelligence (AI) and to explore the opportunities, challenges and constraints presented by the diverse range of contexts for AI.

The University of Bath Campus

ART-AI offers a uniquely interdisciplinary doctoral training approach, recruiting students from a range of backgrounds across computer science and artificial intelligence, engineering and technology, and humanities and social sciences.

ART-AI draws together a wide range of topics: from algorithms to ethics; robotics safety to computational and public policy; probabilistic machine learning to symbolic AI; provenance, transparency and uncertainty quantification to intelligibility and trust in heterogeneous intelligent systems; reinforcement learning to emotion in human-machine interaction; and many others.


‘Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day’ an ART-AI Spotlight on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Seminar

View the recording of the ‘Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day’ seminar which took place on the 12th October 2021, Ada Lovelace Day.

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ART-AI Induction 2021

We welcomed our 3rd cohort of students to the UKRI CDT in ART-AI this month.

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Student Conference

ART-AI student Jack R Saunders led the organisation of a Student Conference held on the 16th and 17th September.

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‘Uncertainty Modelling & Inference with Applications From Bayesian Computation to Deep Learning’ with Bin Liu

We are pleased to have Dr. Bin Liu, Director of the Research Centre of Applied Mathematics and Machine Intelligence at Zhejiang Lab, join us for this ART-AI seminar.

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‘Towards Integrated and Transparent Reasoning, Control, and Learning in Cognitive Robotics’ with Mohan Sridharan

We are pleased to have Mohan Sridharan, a Reader at the University of Birmingham join us for this ART-AI seminar.

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ART-AI seminar with Simon Pearson

We are pleased to have Simon Pearson, Director of LIAT (The Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology) join us for this ART-AI seminar.

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