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We work with partners from industry, government and non-governmental organisations, and international universities to co-create research projects.

Students, academics and industry guests discuss AI challenges

We are always looking to co-create interesting research projects and collaborate with partners on internships, short term placements, training, workshops and/or speaking to our students informally or as part of our regular seminar series.

Benefits to our students of working with partners include:

Creating more transparent and effective AI techniques; understanding the effects of AI innovation on the partner’s organisation or business; developing regulatory and policy guidance on the uses of AI innovations in real world contexts. In addition to driving the co-creation of research projects, issues of concern to partners can form the basis of scenarios and use cases in ART-AI’s courses, courseworks and cohort workshops.

Benefits for our partners include:

For SMEs there may be a research project that the SME doesn’t have the capacity or staff to deliver. Investing in a co-created project can be a cost effective way of delivering that project, with the added advantage that the partnership with ART-AI can help find and recruit suitable candidates and provide research capacity, support mechanisms and a wider network of contacts to help deliver it. For larger organisations, a project might be more speculative, blue skies research that the company may not yet be ready to invest heavily in but want to work with an academic research partner as a way of exploring and developing ideas and concepts.

For all partners, ART-AI provides a forum and support to bring people together to identify and address challenges of common interest.

Regardless of the type of collaboration, all our partners benefit from access to students and academics working at the cutting edge of their research across a range of disciplines. The knowledge shared, research co-authored and relationships developed help build the innovation and networks that will underpin the next generation of global AI innovation.

If you are interested in working with us please contact us directly at  [email protected].

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