New Website and Branding

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new UKRI CDT in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI (ART-AI) website.

ART-AI exists to educate interdisciplinary professional experts to make the best, and safest, use of artificial intelligence (AI) and explore the opportunities, challenges and constraints the different modern contexts of AI present.

The new website has been designed to provide information on the centre and programme with a focus on usability.

The site sits alongside new branding for the centre which reflects our multidisciplinary approach.

The three sides of our tetrahedron logo representing not just the three facilities ART-AI draws upon (Engineering, Science and the Humanities) but the strength of the pyramid.

We hope the site gives our students, prospective partners and those interested in developments in AI the opportunity to know us better, who we are as an institution and the leadership team behind the centre.

By browsing through our About Us and our People sections, we hope you will get a good idea of who we are and what we are aiming to do.

In our Programme you will be able to see how the course is structured and what our requirements are and what the application process involve.

You can also explore our six research themes:

  • Transparency and intelligibility
    Making AI systems accessible, accountable, open to inspection and intelligible to diverse stakeholders
  • Risk and decision making with AI
    How can we assess its risks and benefits, quantitatively and qualitatively?
  • Safety and trust in human-machine systems
    How can we approach diverse challenges from robotics safety to computational and public policy?
  • Policy-making with and for AI
    The effects of AI as it becomes endemic in a broad range of work environments, in public policy design
  • Innovation in data-driven & classical AI
    What Innovation is needed to provide policy-driven, explainable and auditable support for human work?
  • Engineering applications of AI
    How to apply AI techniques to solve real-world engineering problems

We hope you find the new website easy to access and informative. If you want to keep to date about the latest centre news, programme updates and industry insights be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.

We invite you to view the new website and let us know your thoughts. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please send them our way.

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