Recording of ‘Towards a Theory of Justice for Artificial Intelligence’ with Iason Gabriel

View the recording of our ART-AI Seminar with Iason Gabriel entitled 'Towards a Theory of Justice for Artificial Intelligence'.

ART-AI Seminar recording

We were pleased to have Iason Gabriel, a Staff Research Scientist at the AI research lab, DeepMind, join us on the 22nd March 2022, for an ART-AI seminar, entitled ‘Towards a Theory of Justice for Artificial Intelligence’. You can view Iason’s paper on artificial intelligence and distributive justice here

Many thanks to Iason Gabriel for speaking at this ART-AI seminar and presenting his paper to a public audience for the first time. Thanks also to ART-AI student, Cat Gray, who chaired this seminar.

The recording of the seminar, as well as the abstract and bio, can be seen below:


Calls for justice in the context of AI are increasingly frequent and resounding. This talk will explore the relationship between artificial intelligence and principles of distributive justice in greater detail. Drawing upon the political philosophy of John Rawls, Iason will suggest that the basic structure of society should be understood as a composite of sociotechnical systems – and that the operation of these systems is increasingly shaped and influenced by AI. As a consequence, egalitarian norms of justice apply to the technology when it’s deployed in these contexts. Crucially, AI systems need to meet a certain standard of public justification, support citizens’ rights, and promote substantively fair outcomes when they are integrated into key aspects of our lives. 


Iason Gabriel is a Staff Research Scientist at the AI research lab, DeepMind, which is based in London. He is a founding member of the ethics research team at DeepMind and has written on a wide range of topics including the alignment of AI systems with human values, human rights, and the need for greater participation in AI. Iason has a PhD in Political Theory from Oxford University, where he also taught for a number of years. He is now a visiting scholar in the Philosophy Department at UC Berkeley where he will explore questions connected to Democracy and AI.

Main Image credit: DeepMind

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