What our students have been working on during lockdown – George & Jack

We catch up with George Fletcher & Jack R. Saunders


After taking some time off, my work has been largely getting to grips with the fundamentals of animation and motion capture, and reading recent papers in that field. In particular, I am looking into re-implementing some state-of-the-art motion capture denoising techniques for CAMERA’s motion capture of dogs. If successful the technique should be able to replace manual human cleanup of motion data in the data collection pipeline paving the way for more rapid future data collection. 

You can read more about CAMERA’s “digitise your dog” project here.


I’ve been starting my PhD work in the last few weeks, writing some code that should help form a basis for some of the future work. Specifically, I’ve been working on getting a good 2D representation for 3D meshes with some python code. I also work with CAMERA, using CAMERA research code and data on a regular basis, with a focus on facial animation. Outside of this work I’ve been training for the Basingstoke half marathon, mostly training outside as gyms are still closed. The 2020 race was due to be a special anniversary, as it is the 10th year it has run, but unfortunately the race has now be postponed so I’ll now be running it on 3rd October 2021.

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