Deborah Morgan

Emerging Regulatory Approaches to AI Regulation Within the EU and the US and Socio-Legal Conceptions and Genealogies of Risk, Particularly in Relation to the Regulation of Large-Language Models

Project Summary

This research aims to explore, through comparative analysis, the emerging forms and approaches to the regulation of AI technologies by the European Union and within the United States. This analysis is focused upon prevailing risk-based regulatory approaches adopting a socio-legal methodology to consider the form, varied definitions, and nature of AI risk-based regulatory approaches, particularly in relation to the regulation of large-language models. A genealogical approach will be adopted to analyse both the history of technology ‘risk’ regulation and transitions from high-level ethical principles towards regulation.

Research Interests

AI Governance, Regulation and Policy.

Data Protection Law.

Digital Education Research.

Science and Technology Studies (STS).

Socio-Legal Studies.


Worked previously as a Corporate Projects Solicitor and in industry as a communications consultant before moving into Education. My masters research explored feedback methods within narrative writing using technology.

LLB Law – University of Leicester

Legal Practice Course – University of Sheffield

PGCE, MSt – University of Cambridge


Prof Hugh Lauder

Dr Julian Padget

Deborah Morgan