Jessica Nicholson

Robotics Processing Architecture: A Skill Acquisition Approach to Artificial Cognitive Development

Project Summary

My project aims to consider how an artificially intelligent agent might autonomously acquire skills via state-of-the-art Graph-based methods. Specifically, it explores cognitive robotics and how individual technologies can perform specific tasks that emulate human intelligence and cognitive functions. This entails studying how we can train and create skill-learning agents that are autonomous, adaptive, and more importantly cognitive of their surroundings, whilst maintaining transparent and responsible practices. Through my studies I hope to answer the following questions: is a robot cognizant of its own hierarchical learning? Is it able to contextualize the specific skills it has learned from a task, and retain that memory in a repository? Commercial Artificial Intelligence has long been fraught with the demonization of autonomous robots and I hope that my research will bring some transparency to the realities of the field. Additionally, I hope to provide people with more knowledge and understanding of the transgression of the cognitive development, and behavior of robots.


Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with a focus in Reinforcement Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Cognitive Development of Robots. Above all, the ethical and transparent implementation of these subject matters.


BSc Economics and Women & Gender Studies, Rutgers University

MSc Data Science, University of Bath

I have three years of experience working as a software and management consultant, and one year of experience as a data analyst within the fintech and blockchain domain.


Dr Özgür Şimşek

Dr Gosia Goclowska