Jinha Yoon

Neural Correlates of Trust in Human-AI Interaction

Project Summary

AI agents can efficiently process large amounts of data to determine solutions to problems. However, effectively communicating information to encourage behavioural changes is a challenge in human-AI agent interaction due to too little or too much trust in AI decision-making.

My research interest lies in simulating an interaction between human users and AI agents in Virtual Reality to investigate the role of anthropomorphism (i.e., attributing human-like appearances and behaviours) in evoking trustworthiness and acceptance of AI. Additionally, EEG will be utilised to study the neural correlates of trust and generate a real-time assessment of human trust in AI.

Research Interests

Decision Making in AI

Virtual Reality

Human-AI Agent Interaction

Human Centred AI

Brain-Computer Interfaces


BSc Psychology at University of Bath


Dr Karin Petrini

Prof Eamonn O’Neill

Jinha Yoon