Tory Frame

AI in Support of Sleep

Project Summary

I am interested in using AI to help people sleep better – 50% of British adults get less than the recommended 7-9 hours per night, and it is bad for their health, performance and wellness. Laboratory thermo-regulation studies have greatly improved early morning wakening and deep sleep. My aim is to use AI and smart devices to help adults thermoregulate, and therefore sleep better, in their own beds.


Research Interests

Physical and psychological impact of AI on humans, and how it can be used to support behaviour change.

Human Computer Interaction.

Smart devices.


Behaviour Change.


I have spent most of my career helping drive strategic and commercial change in consumer companies. I was responsible for Strategy, Business Development and Ventures at Diageo in my last role. Prior to that, I was Barry’s Bootcamp MD International and Chief Marketing Officer, based in the US. Before that, I was a Partner at Bain, where I worked for 16 years. My last role there was running Results Delivery in Asia, based out of Shanghai. I am an active angel, investing to back founders in tech/ consumer companies.

MA (Hons) in Politics, Economics, and Philosophy, University of Oxford

MBA, Harvard University

MSc Computer Science, University of Bath


Dr Julian Padget

Dr George Stothart