Congratulations Elsa!

We are so pleased to announce that cohort 1 student, Elsa Zhong, has passed her viva with minor corrections!

We are so pleased to announce that cohort 1 student, Elsa Zhong, has passed her viva with minor corrections! Elsa is our first ART-AI student to do so!

Elsa’s research is entitled ‘Understanding social influence on decision making in human-AI teams’ and her supervisors are Dr Janina Hoffmann and Prof Eamonn O’Neill.

After a four and a half hour long viva, Janina set up an online celebration call for Elsa. On this celebration call she said;

“I really have enjoyed being Elsa’s supervisor and watching her grow through the process. Elsa has dedicated a lot of time and commitment and creativity to her studies. On top of her PhD she also published a paper in a prestigious venue ( and other works . It was a great pleasure to be her supervisor.”

Elsa commented “It was a great honour to join the CDT in ART-AI and have Janina and Eamonn as supervisors. They are excellent supervisors who provided me with invaluable support throughout this PhD journey. I also greatly appreciate all the support from my peers in the CDT in ART-AI. I extend my sincerest wishes to the ART-AI team for success and hope for the opportunity to collaborate again in the future. Together, we can commit to working in unity to make valuable contributions to the AI community.”

Congratulations Elsa!

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