Hindsight is 2020 by Ronny Bogani

Ronny Bogani, ART-AI student, Cohort 1, reflects on 2020

Ronny Bogani, ART-AI student, Cohort 1, reflects on 2020

As we are in full swing into a new semester and a second lockdown, I offer an update, review, and reflections of the last year as 2020 becomes hindsight. While I acknowledge the difficulties beset on the world by Covid-19, I choose to focus on the accomplishments and opportunities experienced during my time with the ART-AI inaugural cohort. 


Upon entering the ART-AI program my previous experience and skill level in computer science, engineering, and mathematics were limited, to say the least. I had always struggled with maths, I found IKEA furniture impossible to assemble and my previous programming experience was limited to a summer of coding basic in 1984. While I was excited to learn new things, the fear was real, very, very real. 

I am happy to report my successful completion of the MRes in AI ethics, I fully credit the faculty and my fellow cohort members for this. With their support, I have drafted two articles and two chapters and am currently working through the publication process. However, the most interesting was the opportunities for public engagement. 

Public Engagement 

With the help of Joanna Bryson, and other academics I availed myself of many incredible opportunities contributing to ethical development, deployment and adoption of artificial intelligence.  These included;  

An additional benefit of being a participant at these conferences were the contacts I made in the process.  I continue to speak with Tim O’Brien and work with the Vatican. Both of these contacts’ dedication to the ethics of Artificial Intelligence should provide hope, reassurance and leadership moving forward.  

The Really Important Stuff 

As is often the case, I have saved the best for last. I am happy to report my family continues to do well. My wife progresses at her job and both my children have made good friends in this foreign land. Academically, socially and integrationally we owe our successes to the good people of the UK that make this feel like a new home. 

 In Conclusion

The last year proved we can never anticipate every opportunity or challenge. We can simply make the best decision in the interest of our loved ones and each other and despite unexpected changes and challenges we still move forward. 

Feature Photo by Caleb Miller on Unsplash

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