The Secure and Private Compute Summit

The new chair of our Independent Advisory Board, Husna Siddiqi, will be moderating a panel at The Secure and Private Compute Summit.

The event organisers have now made the summit free to attend, and you can register for free here.

Data is most vulnerable to exposure when it is being worked on. This challenge holds many organizations back from sharing sensitive data with collaborators, using it in AI development, and saving IT infrastructure costs by processing it on the cloud. Solving the issue has been expensive and difficult. Until now…

Over the past 18 months, breakthrough confidential computing and privacy-preserving technologies that keep data secure and private when it is being processed have become cost-effective and usable for non-governmental organisations.

Adopting them will level up your organization’s value and operations because you will be able to use more of your data assets for collaboration and monetization. However, if not used properly, your sensitive data can be left poorly protected when being computed. Subsequently, intellectual property may be revealed and personal data could be exposed, violating data protection legislation, costing up to 4% of your organization’s worldwide annual revenue through fines.

Therefore, deciding which technologies are most appropriate for your situation in terms of usability, scalability and effectiveness is business-critical.

By attending the Secure & Private Compute Summit you will learn how to best protect data in use and how your previously unusable sensitive data will enhance your organisation.

The new chair of our Independent Advisory Board, Husna Siddiqi, will be moderating the panel Unlocking the Next Wave of AI Applications By Ensuring The Confidentiality of Data Whilst it is Being Computed On.

Event Info

Start Date 06.07.2021
End Date 08.07.2021
Start Time 9:00am
End Time 5:00pm

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