Oscar Bryan’s research visit to Oslo

Oscar Bryan, from ART-AI cohort 1, has recently come back from a research trip to Oslo.

Oscar Bryan, from ART-AI cohort 1, has recently come back from a research trip to Oslo. He writes about his research and his trip:

“My PhD research aims to improve the mapping of unexploded ordnance (UXOs) on the seafloor through the use of machine learning. Advanced acoustic sensors and autonomous vehicles allow many kilometres of seafloor to be imaged in cm resolution. The vast amount of data motivates a semi-supervised approach, using both labelled and unlabelled data. We also investigate using alternative look angles to generate novel views of UXOs, improving both accuracy and interpretability.

I recently visited my collaborators from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) in Oslo. Roy Edgar Hansen and Narada Dilp Warakagoda from the University of Oslo have been on my supervisory team for two years now and have been an invaluable source of expertise and advice. The collaboration with FFI has allowed access to top survey data from the Norwegian coastal administration and Navy.

During the visit I had a tour of the facility and talked with other experts in the subsea domain. Following a lunch meeting, I presented my PhD work to the subsea department which was followed by interesting questions and discussion. This included a description of the ART (Accountable, Responsible and Transparent) principles and how they guide the doctoral process at Bath. Following the presentation I had a long discussion with my co-supervisors, Roy and Narada. It was a deeply interesting trip and valuable to reaffirm the relationship with my supervisors. I also braved the cold and had a brief look around Oslo, a very pretty and interesting city.”

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