Living with intelligent machines with Nello Cristianini

Living with intelligent machines with Nello Cristianini is taking place at The Bath Royal Literacy and Scientific Institution on the 16th May 2023.

Tuesday 16 May 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm BST

We have built a form of artificial intelligence, and we depend on it in many ways, but we do not yet know how to trust it. The key to addressing our social anxieties about intelligent machines is to understand how they “think”, what we can expect of them, and what can be the consequences of the specific type of intelligence they exhibit, particularly in the specific position we have chosen for them in our global data infrastructure.

This talk will examine the steps that took us to the present form of AI, what we can expect from it, and how we can manage our relation with it, including its legal regulation.

Nello Cristianini, ​Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bath

Mr B’s bookshop in Bath is taking orders for Nello Cristianini’s new book The Shortcut – you can buy a copy from their website here

Cost: £2.00 – £5.00

Event Info

Date 16.05.2023
Start Time 7:30pm
End Time 9:00pm

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