AI, Policy and Standards with Andreas Theodorou

ART-AI Seminar - ‘AI, policy and standards' with Andreas Theodorou, Researcher in Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

ART-AI Seminar – ‘AI, policy and standards’ with Andreas Theodorou, Researcher in Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

We were very pleased to have Andreas Theodorou, Researcher in Responsible Artificial Intelligence join us for this ART-AI seminar entitled ‘AI, policy and standards’.

Abstract: The last few years have seen a huge growth in the capabilities and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hardly a day goes by without news about technological advances and the societal impact of the use of AI. Not only are there large expectations of AI’s potential to help to solve many current problems and to support the well-being of all, but also concerns are growing about the impact of AI on societal and human wellbeing. Standards and ethical guidelines keep coming out from prominent intergovernmental organisations and bodies. In this talk, Andreas will focus on first giving an overview of the current work on standards in AI and the challenges faced at producing them. Andreas will also try to motivate PhD/EngD students to participate – instead of being passive observers – in the ongoing policymaking discussions. The talk will conclude with a short overview of our work at Umeå University’s Responsible AI group on AI Governance.

Bio: Dr. Andreas Theodorou is a postdoctoral researcher in the Responsible AI Group at Umeå University and the CEO and co-founder of VeRAI AB. Dr. Theodorou is currently the Primary Investigator of the RAIN (KAW) project, Co-Investigator of Trust AI (Erasmus+), and a participant to the AI4EU (H2020) project. His research interests include the development of software engineering methods of artificial intelligence, the verification and validation of ethical values in intelligent systems, the development means to provide transparency and explainability, and the study of the public’s perception of intelligent systems. In parallel to his research activities, Dr. Theodorou has been a contributing member of AI policy initiatives, e.g. IEEE SA’ P7001 series, ISO JTC1/42, UK’s AI APPG, and others. He was part of the research team set-up by the Commission to evaluate the “Guidelines for Trustworthy AI” delivered by the High-Level Expert Group on AI. Dr. Theodorou has previously held research, visiting research, and teaching positions in the University of Bath (UK), Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), and University of Surrey (UK).

Staff photo Andreas Theodorou

Event Info

Date 29.10.2020
Start Time 1:15pm
End Time 2:15pm

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