Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) MX-UK Integrative Think-Tank (ITT) on Environmental Resilience

This Integrative Think Tank (ITT) event is a collaboration between the ART-AI CDT, the SAMBa CDT, social policy science researchers, two institutions in Mexico (CIMAT and UNAM), and CENAPRED

This Integrative Think Tank (ITT) event is a collaboration between the ART-AI CDT, the SAMBa CDT, social policy science researchers, two institutions in Mexico (CIMAT and UNAM), and CENAPRED, which is Mexico’s National Center for the Prevention of Disasters, and part of the Ministry of the Interior. CENAPRED oversees all aspects of Mexican disasters, from prediction of events, to management of the aftermath, to public engagement and awareness raising. Some background resources on the Mexican situation are an OECD review and spending recommendations (EN, ES) and the Atlas Nacional de Riesgos

In conjunction with CENAPRED, some preliminary questions for exploration at the ITT have been developed:

  1. Identifying areas at risk from weather events: supporting relocation of people and businesses
  2. Developing tools that enable measurement and calculation of risk, understood as predicted loss (mostly in monetary terms but not only) – also of use to the insurance sector
  3. Evaluation of the impact of construction on contributing to and supporting disasters
  4. Understanding resilience of communities and infrastructure to weather events
  5. Gathering textual data to bridge data gaps from e.g. social media in multiple (including indigenous) languages in order to inform understanding of public understanding and response to disasters, with a focus on marginalised communities
  6. Exploring how the risk perceptions of populations change before and after an event (related to understanding resilience)
  7. Using data with predictive goals: exploring how different forms of data can be used to inform the population to act in anticipation of disaster

The focus of the ITT will be on developing AI approaches to these and other questions.  Complementary to this, We will explore the statistical and mathematical underpinning of AI methods, as well as emphasise the understanding of societal and social impacts.

We are planning that the ITT takes place during the week of 10th May. The combination of online delivery and the time difference is going to make this even more exciting than usual! The conventional model of a week-long, off-campus workshop is not possible. Instead, we are going to take advantage of the time difference to run local teams in the UK and MX  involving up to 80 participants in total, with joint sessions for the main activities during UK afternoons and Mexican mornings when everyone can join, but with groups from each country working independently before and after this time.

Event Info

Start Date 10.05.2021
End Date 14.05.2021
Start Time 9:00am
End Time 5:00pm

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